Personal Information Management Services

Our Personal Information Management Division organizes and digitizes your important documents, and even your treasured family photographs, to provide both portability and quick access.

Imagine being able to confidently locate your important legal, financial and medical documents in just minutes! As LifeDocuments™ specialists, we efficiently organize and digitize your personal documents into a customized system to meet your needs.

Organization Services

  • Gather and organize all personal documents.
  • Create a list of locations and access codes to assets (safe deposit box, investments, etc.)
  • Compile a home inventory list including valuables.
  • Compile medical information (card numbers, medications, immunizations, etc.)

Digitization Services

  • Scan important legal documents/ lists into an electronic format.
  • Scan photographs into electronic format.
  • Provide copies on portable media such as CD-Rom or flash-drive.
  • Data entry into third-party personal health records (where available).

For your convenience and for the security and confidentiality of your documents, all work is performed on the client’s site.