The curriculum for the designation, Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), includes a wealth of information for interior decorators and designers who want to integrate this aspect of the profession into their practices. The three, day-long courses, deal with the design and building of solution to problems of accessibility and safety in the home, with understanding the market for these applications, and with succeeding in this new business venture. The materials provided are clear and serve as reference works for designers as they continue in this growing part of interior practice.

Wanda Gozdz is the perfect teacher to introduce this area of study. She presents complex ideas and an almost overwhelming amount of factual information in an ordered summary that facilitate understanding and encourages discussion in the classroom and further study outside it. Her boundless enthusiasm and energy are contagious.

Edward R. Phillips , Rooker Phillips Interiors, Ltd.

After thirty years of practice I realized that many of my clients were entering a new segment in their lives, and I was too.   Continuing my studies in regards to “ Aging in Place” design was a natural fit.   The information was most beneficial.   With age, does come wisdom.

Grant Gribble , Gribble Interior Group

"I was an interior designer looking to expand my business and enrich my personal growth. Having completed my Certified Aging in Place (CAPS) courses with Wanda Gozdz, I am on my way!
Wanda is an inspirational instructor. The (CAPS) designation opened extraordinary opportunities to accomplish everything I wanted.
Designers everywhere should look into becoming a "Certified Aging in Place Specialist" with Wanda. "

Barbara Lapidus Decor, Interior Designer , NY Interior Designer

I was extremely satisfied with the Certified Aging in Place Courses that I took with Wanda Gozdz, Golden Age Living.
Through the courses, CAPS I, CAPS II and Business Management for Building Professionals, Wanda was efficient and engaging. Wanda tied the coursework to real-world situations and how it would apply to benefit the lives of the people we serve. These are probably the best Continuing Education units I ever took. I would not hesitate to take more courses through Golden Age Living!

Lou Cefolia , President, Amant Homes of Florida